REACHing Breakthrough, August 2015

Today was Commitment Sunday, the official end of St Peter’s REACH Campaign.  REACH is a parish based, diocesan capital campaign to raise money for mission and ministry.   You can read about the Diocesan portions of the campaign.

At St Peter’s we’ve been focused on ways we can make our parish more accessible.  To that end $98,800 have been committed by parishioners.  Which is amazing.

Today, for Morsels and Stories and the sermon, I talked a bit about why we’d do something like REACH and everyone present was invited to fill out a commitment card which we then placed on the altar and prayed over.  (The audio stops once we start filling out the cards.)

Here are before and after pictures of the box of problems:

REACH chocolate REACH box









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Bread for Beloved, August 2015

Robyns SermonsMorsels and Stories: We have a story from Does God Have a Big Toe?: Stories about Stories in the Bible. (Amazon link)

Sermon: Jesus inserts himself into a very old story, one about God and bread.

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with John 6:35,41-51.


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Struggle, July 2015

Robyns SermonsMorsels and Stories: Discipline not punishment

Sermon: Struggle

Today we hear some of David’s sins.  And it’s a text, along with others and much of our world and lives, that we should struggle with.


The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with 2 SAMUEL 11:1-15.


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Bibles! Morsels and Stories, 2015

St Peter’s Deacon, Alison preached on Sunday.  Her sermon can be found at St Peter’s website under News. For Morsels and Stories, I talked about Bible versions.




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Dancing Foolishly, July 2015

Robyns SermonsMorsels and Stories: Resources in the BAS

Sermon: Dancing Foolishly

Today we hear a snippet of David’s story.  Having re-united Israel, he engages in some foolishly un-kingly behaviour.

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with 2 Samuel 6:1–5, 12b–19.


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Feed my sheep, Feast of St Peter and St Paul, 2015

Robyns SermonsBecause we are St Peter’s Church, we transferred the feast back so we could celebrate.

Morsels and Stories: the symbols on St Peter’s Banner

Sermon: Jesus asked for something very simple.  “Feed my sheep.”

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with John 21: 15-19


(I am using an alternate method of working with the file so if it’s a bit odd this week, there’s a reason.)


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Friends not food, Proper 11 June 2015

Robyns SermonsThis week was actually the readings for proper 11, last week was ten and I mistyped.

Morsels and Stories: Amen

Fish are friends not food.

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked with Mark 4:26-34.


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Prayerful Giving, Proper 11 June 7 2015

Robyns SermonsI’ve started doing short education bit before the sermon called Morsels and Stories which is also recorded.  This week’s was on the Baptismal Covenant.

This morning Samuel lists all of the things a king would take.  What does it mean when God asks us to give a similar list?


The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with 1 Sam 8:4–11, (12–15), 16–20, (11:14–15).



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Gifts and Fruits, Pentecost 2015

Robyns SermonsThis morning the Holy Spirit comes. And the Church has been trying to sort out what that means for years. Paul talks about the Spirit bringing gifts and resulting in fruits.


The lessons can be found by clicking here.



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Pentecost: A Poem Preached

Last year I got captivated by Josh Ritter’s “A Girl in the War” which influence my sermon.  After preaching at both services, I realized that it really had been a poem.  Over the course of the year, I’ve come back to my notes from the week and from re-listening to the sermon.  Here’s what that turned into.

Last time it was a dove

Jesus and John at the river Jordan
People pressing forward,
Hoping to see, to understand
The heavens split and
The Lord God Almighty spoke,
But it was a dove
A bird of peace and promise
With words of love and support
‘This is my beloved, with whom I am well pleased’
A passing of the torch
More than a beginning
John, who baptized in the wilderness,
Performing his ultimate act as forerunner
Inaugurating his cousin,
The Messiah, the one everyone was waiting for
And no one expected

And the heavens split
The Holy Spirit descended
Delighted to be a dove

Three years of dusty roads
Campfires and strange stories
Healings and promises;
Terror and threat
Ending with crucifixion
And an empty tomb
Fifty days of walking through walls
Fish on the beach and broken nets
finding Jesus in broken bread
Then the Risen Messiah
Ascended back into heaven

I wonder how many of the people
Who had pressed forward
on the banks of the Jordan that morning
Fearfully retreated in the upper room
Remembered when the heavens last split open
And looked for a dove

The Spirit which descended,
Driving disciples into the street,
Did not delight in being a dove

This morning the Spirit breathed fire

Perhaps because dragons have exist
Since before they were in our books and TV
We knew they could inspire empires;
Before we drew them in the unknown edges of maps
We knew they could entice us further than we’ve ever gone before

Today is Pentecost.
The Spirit, not a dove, not a dragon,
Breathed fire;
Breathed the Church
And passed the torch
The disciples poured out
And became a holy spectacle
Unable to hold the fire of God’s message in their bones
Unable to keep God’s love contained.

Today is Pentecost.
We are given God’s message of love
We are the torch,
Fire breathed and Spirit driven
Sent, to be the Church
To be a Holy Spectacle
Unable to do anything other than share God’s love

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