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Lent 5, 2012

The lessons for this Sunday can be found at this link: Lent 5. I worked most closely with Psalm 119 and Jeremiah 31:31-34.

“I treasure your promise in my heart, that I may not sin against you.” Except, of course, that we aren’t so good at this…but Jeremiah promises a better option.

(There will be a few moments of silence before the sermon starts. Thank you for your patience.)

Listen:Lent 5, 2012

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The First Yes

She said yes. Well, technically, I had asked-slashed-offered to help lead the next time this event was put on and she said, “I think you could be very good at that.” To my 15 year old self, it was a yes of magnitude.

When I think back to me at this time I want to change my wardrobe, take myself for a decent haircut (long is fine, but some shape was needed), and pull my shoulders back and up. All of that would come, but only once I stopped being convinced, completely, that most of what I thought wasn’t worth being heard, much less followed.

This yes, while not the only one that helped feed my confidence, stands out. It was one of the first to come from someone I knew wasn’t humoring the little girl they’d watch grow up. It was a first yes.

Now, 15 years and many yes’s and no’s later, my phone will ring and the person on the other end will ask for help. I will hear in their voice a familiar uncertainty.

Some of the time it is easy to say “yes.” Some of the time, reluctantly, I find that “no” is the only right answer.

Occasionally, I want to say “yes” but cannot, simply can’t, manage all that yes means. So I offer what I can. I tell whoever has called that, “I can’t do everything, but I can do X.” Every time I do this I hang up wondering if I have just said no, without using the word. And sometimes I never hear from them again.

But some of the time, I hear from them again. I hear stories about how other people also found ways to say yes—in little or big ways.

Those are the times when I remind myself that doing everything isn’t my job, sometimes my job lets me be the first yes.

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Lent 4, 2012

The readings for this Sunday can be found at this link: Lent 4 Readings. I worked most closely with Numbers 21:4-9.

There are snakes in the Lectionary! Poisonous snakes. And what does it all have to do with hope.

(There will be a few moments of silence before the sermon begins. This is one of my interactive sermons, while I work to make sure that the nature of the conversation is caught by the mic there may be rough patches. Thank you for your patience.)

Listen: Lent 4, 2012

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Lent 3, 2012

The lessons for this Sunday can be found here. I worked most closely with 1 Corinthians 1:18-25.

I love debating, but that doesn’t mean I want to answer when Paul asks for a debater. Of course, Paul isn’t playing fair.

(There will be a few moments of silence before the sermon starts. Thank you for your patience.)

Listen: Lent 3, 2012

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General Convention, The National Budget, and Twitter

First, a couple of disclaimers. (1) I’ve been trying to write various posts on aspects of these topics for a couple of weeks now and have nothing coherent–yet. (2) I love Twitter. (3) I get tired of defending the ability to have a conversation on Twitter.
So when I realized that I had a conversation on Twitter about the topics I had been trying to write about and that there was a handy service (Storify) which would help me show this, my mind jumped to, “Win!”

I tweet as @theologybird.  You can follow me by clicking on my twitter handle there or through the handy widget on the right side of this page.  This conversation is largely between myself and a good friend @revlucymeg, although you will see a few other people and some links to articles.

So, here for your perusal, entertainment, and thoughts, a Twitter-based conversation about General Convention (and it’s potential restructuring), the Draft Budget, and whatever else was on our minds.  All opinions are our own and non-binding (that is, we reserve the right to change them).

If you want the slightly prettier version: [View “General Convention and Budget” on Storify]
And for those of you who find external links scary (I’m one of you) here it is, in rough form:

  1. ‘@episcopalcafe: Restructuring by de-funding‘ Every program that helped me discern/go to seminary will be gone.
  2. @revlucymeg I know. The Church that does not know how to let ppl in. Or this: (Love him!)
  3. @theologybird yup. That’s on #fb. I agree w what he says, but how to argue w the budget in our process? GC isn’t set up for it
  4. @revlucymeg I saw somewhere that the budget used to be made available for review more often–not voting, but just visible. Step 1.
  5. @revlucymeg Don’t know what step 2 is. Don’t want to be on ExecComm. You?
  6. @theologybird HA. see, and here I thought we were friends…..
  7. @theologybird yes- and more transparent. (Debt?!) I’ve been around #SoVa too long. Hidden line items give me hives.
  8. @theologybird Nice friend! Friends don’t nominate friends for scary cmtes.
  9. @revlucymeg Hey–I’m not filling out any nomination forms. None.
  10. @revlucymeg Yeah, those make me twitchy too. And Debt. Different *interesting* history.
  11. @revlucymeg Deal! No scary cmtes without willing sacrifice (because we’re slightly crazy).
  12. @theologybird it might be from the embezzling scandal from 15-20 yrs back at 815, but who knows?
  13. @revlucymeg It might be b/c we’ve already been around church structure too long. Why’d we stay again?
  14. @theologybird Maschocism? And a sympathy for dying things?
  15. @revlucymeg I’ll accept masochism, but TEC has to hang in longer than I do. #stubborn
  16. @theologybird true enough. Lets call it preferential option for the underdog.
  17. @revlucymeg Yes. That works for me.
  18. @revlucymeg So, is the budget discussion solution to reduce GC, meet more often, or to wait and let the 50’s $ mentality die out?
  19. @theologybird a big help would be reduce GC. If it were smaller, we could meet more often/ as often, but it’s SO expensive.
  20. @theologybird & we let 50s $ mentality die too. Bonus!
  21. @theologybird but also! We can’t tea party the church. Dioceses can’t suddenly do all things when they’re broke too. No$=no program
  22. @revlucymeg On one hand I like this, on the other hand I have enfranchisement (fictional, I know) issues. We need all of us. 1/2
  23. @revlucymeg Maybe not for governance, but we need all of us. We need large groups of Episcopalians being us.
  24. @revlucymeg And! there are things when we speak best with a lger voice–even when it is confusing and complex. We need to give us the time.
  25. @theologybird not disagreeing, but 5 yrs wouldn’t kill us. there is power in the large group– agree.
  26. @revlucymeg I can now think of several ways to make this all more complicated #goodepiscopalian
  27. @revlucymeg I could do 5 yrs, but then more de facto power goes to Exec Comm. Not so sure about that.
  28. @theologybird hm. Maybe the real problem is ExecCmte. (too small/enclosed) And how GC governs in Bw mtgs.
  29. @theologybird @revlucymeg This is fascinating.
  30. @revlucymeg Transparency! Transparency!
  31. @fathertorey @revlucymeg What happens when Church nerds have the internet.
  32. @theologybird @fathertorey When we have Internet and want to avoid sermon writing.
  33. @revlucymeg @theologybird So no sermon, no procrastination. Just Internet. I’m feeling weird – a man w/out a country etc.
  34. @revlucymeg @theologybird Anyway you seem like decent people.
  35. @fathertorey can’t speak for @theologybird, but I try! 🙂
  36. @fathertorey @revlucymeg thanks! Impressed that you still think so. 🙂
  37. @fathertorey @agardenpath @theologybird @episcopalcafe #ecafe ah– there. &yes, I’m a deputy for AZ
  38. Days that prove why I love twitter. Thanks @revlucymeg @fathertorey @episcopalcafe
  39. @theologybird @revlucymeg @episcopalcafe Grin.
  40. @theologybird @fathertorey @episcopalcafe And twitter restores my faith in the church…

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Lent 2, 2012

The Lessons for Lent 2 can be found here. I worked most closely with Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16.

No matter where Abraham goes, what happens, something very important keeps happening.

This sermon was preached for the last service at St John’s. The Parish made the hard decision to close.

Listen: Lent 2, 2012

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