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Amateurs in Baptismal Waters, Easter 5 2018

drenched in baptismal watersMorsels & Stories: I talk about the Eucharist Prayer we’re using in Easter and some of the reasons I like the BAS.  If you want to read the pages I talk about and don’t have a Book of Alternative Services, you can borrow one from St Peter’s or read them online here: link.

Sermon: Where did Philip come from?  What authority does he have to speak with the Ethiopian Eunuch?

The lessons can be found by clicking here (link).  I worked most closely with Acts 8:26-40.


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Witnesses, Easter 3 2018

witnessesMorsels & Stories: I talked about why I keep sharing the 10 Rules for Respect.  (I borrowed them from Bishop Rickel and you can see his version here link.)

Sermon:  Jesus looks at his recently deserting, scared and lost disciples and calls them his witnesses.

The lessons for today can be found be here link.  I worked most closely with Luke 24: 36B-48.


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Terror and Amazement, Easter 2018


Art by Heather Gerber, paper cutting

Morsels & Stories: I read from The Ethiopian Tattoo Shop by Edward Hays.  It seemed appropriate for April Fool’s Day.

Sermon: Mary, Mary, and Salome went to do what their mother’s taught them.

I worked most closely with Mark 16:1-8 which you can find here (link).



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