My name is Robyn and this is my corner of the internet. If you’d like to read a biography, you can find that here (link). I’ve been sharing various writings and sermons here for almost a decade. As many people will tell you, the heyday of blogging was just before this URL existed. And I’ve spent most of the last year thinking and praying and working to reshape and enliven this space so I use it more. I’d like to tell you why.

The internet saved me. Not like Jesus saved me. But there are similarities. I started choosing my faith when I saw how faith forms communities. The internet, at a couple crucial points in my life, offered me communities that I couldn’t find elsewhere. People’s willingness to share, within the boundaries that worked for them, who they were and are, to expose truths about their joys and struggles helped me know that I wasn’t alone in my joys and struggles.

It doesn’t take much poking around to observe how many people are decrying how online spaces have become increasingly vitriolic and polarized. @meredithgould has said that “whatever happens face-to-face happens online, just faster.” After spending some time grieving the community I once found on blogs and social media, I began to hope that this could also be how we find a new era of the internet. Maybe, I’m hoping, telling our stories, pulling back the curtain on our joys and struggles, will help us find not only each other but ourselves.

I believe that telling stories forms communities and that communities save us. (In part because Jesus cares about communities and stories.) So, this is my corner of the internet where I’ll tell you my stories. Stories about reading and knitting, about theology and apples, about migraines and swimming, and whatever else is making up my life. It might be helpful to think of it as a written half of two friends sitting down over their second or third pot of tea (or coffee, if you’d rather).