About Me


I’m Robyn.
Let me introduce myself:

  • I have a well loved Elkhound/Lab mix named Griz. He is the reason my clothes are fur covered and why I buy peanut butter.
  • I say things like theodicy, normative practice of the Church, and implicit theology as if everyone knows them. Please make me explain myself.
  • I prefer tea to coffee. And loose-leaf to bagged. Fortunately I live in Canada where people know how to make tea.
  • None of the movers believed I had 27 boxes of books. Until they were moving them.  Most of them are theology or science fiction
  • I usually have a paper book and my kindle with me. One-click purchasing for e-books will be my downfall.
  • After growing up in Montana and The Episcopal Church, I moved to Edmonton Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada. I was as surprised as anyone else by this.
  • I’m married to a wonderful man who doesn’t like theology or the amount of fur my dog comes with.  Fortunately he loves science fiction and me.

Things I write about include: sermons, my thoughts on sermons, life as a priest, theology, the Church, and history. I haven’t written about my dog. Yet.

My official title is The Reverend Robyn King. I have a BA in History from the University of Montana and a Master of Divinity from The General Theological Seminary of The Episcopal Church. I served as the rector of a cluster of three small Churches in Montana and interim Camp Director for the Diocese of Montana before becoming rector of St Peter’s Anglican Church in the Diocese of Edmonton.

Please comment, find me on twitter at @theologybird, or email me at theologybird (at) gmail (dot) com.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Robyn:

    Nice to meet you and enjoying your blog. I have long wanted to learn to do this thing called “blog”, so I did sign up today to do this. You are an inspiration and I am looking forward to meeting you (well, I am REALLY, REALLY looking forward to meeting your DOG). I left you an email regarding the church and am looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you (REALLY:). Don’t know what that third http:// is nor do I know how to delete it…do you know what it means???

  2. janisljohnson

    This is Janis Johnson from GTS. Your blog came up as a similar blog to mine…which is a stretch! I have a blog entitled, http://www.DizzyingGrace.com, which is about the relationship between faith and illness. It is a long story, but I had to retire due to a disability/illness. I remember you from GTS and graduated probably two years before you. When I graduated, I went to a tiny parish in eastern Oregon, much to my surprise. I was an Episcopal priest and Lutheran pastor…made me wish I would have attended those Lutheran worship services at GTS!
    Anyway, God bless your ministry in Edmonton. I actually know someone who lives there who is definitely not Episcopalian, but a great person.
    Take care Robyn. I love your site!

    GTS 2006

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