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Jesus’ Family, June 2018

My family are those who do the will of God.Morsels & Stories: I read the story “Noah’s Wife: the Story of Naamah.”

Sermon: Jesus does something really significant and difficult when confronted with rumours and gossip.  He manages to set boundaries and leave space for change.

The lessons for today can be found by clicking here (link).  I worked most closely with Mark 3:20-35.


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Family, Christmas 1 2014

Robyns SermonsSimeon and Anna meet Jesus in the temple.  It’s a family meeting of sorts.
The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with Luke 2:22-40.


(I was using a back up recording system so the audio is not great.  My apologies.)


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Sermon Round-Up: June 22 2014, Proper 7/OT12

Vacation this Sunday and next so I’m not preaching. Off eating gelato with seminary classmates and talking theology with colleagues instead.

What I might have preached:
The dean while I was at seminary made a habit of praying for ‘peace with justice.’ Which I liked because although I was used to praying for peace and justice ‘with’ reminded me that if you want peace it’s actually tangled up with justice, that to really have one you have to sort out the other.
Which is an interesting thing to hold alongside this very tangled up Gospel.

Sermons I like:

Priest Downs, The Divine Household: Jesus, Division, and a Sword that cuts Injustice
“Each of these pieces: about the servants and the sparrows and the hairs and the hell: is about the household. A household kept and built by GOD. A household which embraces equality and rejects hierarchy; embraces public devotion and rejects private belief; embraces the worthless and successful; naming their true worth the same.”

Priest Collins, Stop Helping, Start Serving
“Helping someone avoid the truth of his or her dysfunction is not Christian.
What it is is a denial of the Christ that is in that person. It is a denial of the potential for resurrection that is in that person.”

Bishop Edwards, Ishmael and Willy Loman
“Jesus invites us to let go of what we cling to most tightly,
because those things are our chains.
The more we give away, the less we have,
but the more fully alive we become.
If we give our money, our time, our attention, our labor
for Jesus’ sake, it opens up a place in our souls
where we can breathe.”

Priest Romanik, Narcissism
“Jesus begins by imbuing his followers with power and authority and then proceeds to explain to them in detail that they are not the center of the universe, that life is not all about them.”

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Family Reunion (aka Diocesan Convention)

This weekend is Diocesan Convention for Episcopalians in Montana. I should confess that I love Diocesan Convention.
As we Episcopalians are wont to do, we quibble over what should or shouldn’t happen, what’s appropriate or unnecessary at a Diocesan Convention. And whatever my opinion may be, I will love Convention.

This is my family. The one not related by blood and that I didn’t entirely pick.
These are the people who have loved me from the time I was fifteen.
These are the people who taught me what it meant to be Christians, to be Christ’s body, the Church.
These are the people who gave me a voice before I understood that I had one.
These are the people who gave me shelter in the middle of family upheaval.
These are the people who showed me the best of organized religion.
These are the people who showed me the worst of organized religion.
This is my family.

This weekend is Diocesan Convention. And I’m thrilled. Not because I’ll work from Friday to Sunday; not because of the necessary business we’ll conduct; not because of the parties and friends I’ll get to make and reconnect with.

I’m thrilled because this is my family. This group of people, changing and transitory as it is, have been essential to my life. They have encouraged me to love; taught me to persevere; encouraged me in my life; supported me in my priesthood.

Together we have struggled; we have survived; we have worshipped; we have mourned; we have celebrated. Together we are family.
Thank be to God!

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