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Jesus Cares About Relationship, July 2018

Jesus cares about having a relationshipMorsels & Stories: For this summer we’re going to do read through Good Goats: Healing our Image of God.  This morning we read the first twelve pages.

Sermon: This is one of my favourite passages because in the middle of a healing and a dying girl, Jesus cares about a nameless woman.

The lessons can be found by clicking here (link).  I worked most closely with Mark 5: 21-43.



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Welcome in the midst of pain and struggle, June 2017

Join me in being a place where you can come in pain and struggling and find welcome and supportMorsels & Stories: I talked about the Church calendar, the primacy of Sundays and transferring feasts.  This was anticipating our patronal feast celebration next week.

Sermon: Jesus offers a task list today, “Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.”  How do we respond to those charges when we can’t do them?

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with Matthew 9:35-10-8.



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