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Stories on the Way Home

The background shows a paved road in the mountains, on the side of a valley lake.  Over the water is the text "What story will you tell on the way home?" and the url:

Morsels & Stories: I propose a lenten discipline of reading theology, along with some book suggestions that don’t require a theology degree to read, understand, or learn from.

Sermon: Jesus goes up a mountain to pray. What a story Peter, James, and John didn’t tell.

The lessons for today can be found here [link]. I worked most closely with Luke 9:28-43.

March 10 Edited to correct the audio file so you can listen to the sermon I describe. Apologies!

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A Promise Secured, October 2017

If you were standing beside Moses,what dreams would you see promised-Sermons & Morsels: We talked about the things we do at St Peter’s that we love.


Sermon: Right before the Israelites reach the Promised Land God takes Moses up to the top of a mountain.


The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with Deuteronomy 34:1-12.



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