General Convention, The National Budget, and Twitter

First, a couple of disclaimers. (1) I’ve been trying to write various posts on aspects of these topics for a couple of weeks now and have nothing coherent–yet. (2) I love Twitter. (3) I get tired of defending the ability to have a conversation on Twitter.
So when I realized that I had a conversation on Twitter about the topics I had been trying to write about and that there was a handy service (Storify) which would help me show this, my mind jumped to, “Win!”

I tweet as @theologybird.  You can follow me by clicking on my twitter handle there or through the handy widget on the right side of this page.  This conversation is largely between myself and a good friend @revlucymeg, although you will see a few other people and some links to articles.

So, here for your perusal, entertainment, and thoughts, a Twitter-based conversation about General Convention (and it’s potential restructuring), the Draft Budget, and whatever else was on our minds.  All opinions are our own and non-binding (that is, we reserve the right to change them).

If you want the slightly prettier version: [View “General Convention and Budget” on Storify]
And for those of you who find external links scary (I’m one of you) here it is, in rough form:

  1. ‘@episcopalcafe: Restructuring by de-funding‘ Every program that helped me discern/go to seminary will be gone.
  2. @revlucymeg I know. The Church that does not know how to let ppl in. Or this: (Love him!)
  3. @theologybird yup. That’s on #fb. I agree w what he says, but how to argue w the budget in our process? GC isn’t set up for it
  4. @revlucymeg I saw somewhere that the budget used to be made available for review more often–not voting, but just visible. Step 1.
  5. @revlucymeg Don’t know what step 2 is. Don’t want to be on ExecComm. You?
  6. @theologybird HA. see, and here I thought we were friends…..
  7. @theologybird yes- and more transparent. (Debt?!) I’ve been around #SoVa too long. Hidden line items give me hives.
  8. @theologybird Nice friend! Friends don’t nominate friends for scary cmtes.
  9. @revlucymeg Hey–I’m not filling out any nomination forms. None.
  10. @revlucymeg Yeah, those make me twitchy too. And Debt. Different *interesting* history.
  11. @revlucymeg Deal! No scary cmtes without willing sacrifice (because we’re slightly crazy).
  12. @theologybird it might be from the embezzling scandal from 15-20 yrs back at 815, but who knows?
  13. @revlucymeg It might be b/c we’ve already been around church structure too long. Why’d we stay again?
  14. @theologybird Maschocism? And a sympathy for dying things?
  15. @revlucymeg I’ll accept masochism, but TEC has to hang in longer than I do. #stubborn
  16. @theologybird true enough. Lets call it preferential option for the underdog.
  17. @revlucymeg Yes. That works for me.
  18. @revlucymeg So, is the budget discussion solution to reduce GC, meet more often, or to wait and let the 50’s $ mentality die out?
  19. @theologybird a big help would be reduce GC. If it were smaller, we could meet more often/ as often, but it’s SO expensive.
  20. @theologybird & we let 50s $ mentality die too. Bonus!
  21. @theologybird but also! We can’t tea party the church. Dioceses can’t suddenly do all things when they’re broke too. No$=no program
  22. @revlucymeg On one hand I like this, on the other hand I have enfranchisement (fictional, I know) issues. We need all of us. 1/2
  23. @revlucymeg Maybe not for governance, but we need all of us. We need large groups of Episcopalians being us.
  24. @revlucymeg And! there are things when we speak best with a lger voice–even when it is confusing and complex. We need to give us the time.
  25. @theologybird not disagreeing, but 5 yrs wouldn’t kill us. there is power in the large group– agree.
  26. @revlucymeg I can now think of several ways to make this all more complicated #goodepiscopalian
  27. @revlucymeg I could do 5 yrs, but then more de facto power goes to Exec Comm. Not so sure about that.
  28. @theologybird hm. Maybe the real problem is ExecCmte. (too small/enclosed) And how GC governs in Bw mtgs.
  29. @theologybird @revlucymeg This is fascinating.
  30. @revlucymeg Transparency! Transparency!
  31. @fathertorey @revlucymeg What happens when Church nerds have the internet.
  32. @theologybird @fathertorey When we have Internet and want to avoid sermon writing.
  33. @revlucymeg @theologybird So no sermon, no procrastination. Just Internet. I’m feeling weird – a man w/out a country etc.
  34. @revlucymeg @theologybird Anyway you seem like decent people.
  35. @fathertorey can’t speak for @theologybird, but I try! 🙂
  36. @fathertorey @revlucymeg thanks! Impressed that you still think so. 🙂
  37. @fathertorey @agardenpath @theologybird @episcopalcafe #ecafe ah– there. &yes, I’m a deputy for AZ
  38. Days that prove why I love twitter. Thanks @revlucymeg @fathertorey @episcopalcafe
  39. @theologybird @revlucymeg @episcopalcafe Grin.
  40. @theologybird @fathertorey @episcopalcafe And twitter restores my faith in the church…

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