What do we do now?

The Episcopal Church is still getting ready for our triennial General Convention. For those keeping track, the budget is not much clearer than it used to be. I had originally planned to continue on and address problems one and two(remember that I started with problem three?). Then my friend and colleague The Rev Megan Castellan did just that over on her blog in a brilliant post. Go read it. (Then read her posts looking at the canon revisions: Sing the Canons! and Part II.)

We have heard that corrected but unofficial budgets will be available in early June. Canonically, not much can happen until GC. Which is not the same thing as nothing is happening between now and July.

GC is short. If there are changes we want to see, alternatives we want proposed (or not proposed), this is the time to be about that work. Now is the time to call someone and say, “this is what we should do and here’s how.” If you are a deputy, if you know a deputy, and if you don’t then it’s time to meet one.

But I’m going to take some of this time to talk about millennials and the Church. Because I’m tired of being told about me. Because I’m tired of being angry when Church people talk about those young ones. Because I am convinced that my Church has a present which I and people my age are a part of.

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