A Church where the Preaching is Damn Good Every Time

A few weeks ago I was at the 77th General Convention of The Episcopal Church. I had a great time. This is not the wrap-up post. Lots of other people have done that and done it well.

One of the many things I did while I was at GC was spend time with the loose coalition of people in TEC who know that Church in the 21st century is going to be different. We have taken up the identity of #Acts8. There is a website, the twitter hashtag, and a few times at GC we began to meet face to face. Because we started here on the interwebs, there is a YouTube video: I dream of a Church.

If you watched the video (and you should) at 3:10 you saw my friend, seminary classmate, and the genius behind “Father Matthew Presents”, the Reverend Matthew Moretz say, “I dream of a Church where the preaching is damn good every time.” While I, and others, loved the things people said that night, a group of us gathered to celebrate this idea. We were enamored of its concreteness. #wherethepreachingneversucks even reappeared as a hashtag.

Emboldened by Acts8, Father Matthew, and the idea of preaching that never sucks, I’m starting something new here. Every week my sermons are recorded and podcasted (points to sidebar). Starting this week (tomorrow!), I will offer a brief review of my sermon here. Good, bad, and otherwise.

Because, as another friend, @davidsibley, says, “I dream of a Church willing to take risks knowing that what God does not bless God will redeem.”

I believe I am a good preacher. I know I have bad weeks. I believe that even my good weeks can be better. So I invite all of you to offer comments, questions, feedback, anything that is constructive.

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