SR: Lady Gaga, accountability, and the Gospel

Sermon Review
Proper 21, 9-30-12

Summary of what I was saying and why:
There’s a difference between policing others behavior (judgment) and helping others be accountable.

Theology: Christian community
Jesus Count: moderate
Good News: we are called to accountability.
What did I change on my feet?
Aside from the fact that the sermon I went to bed planning on was not the sermon I woke up to–not much.
What didn’t work/what did I miss?
I think I might have had a smoother way of transitioning to the Gospel.

What did work?
I thought the Lady Gaga tie in worked. And it made me happy.

Other sermons I liked:
The Rev Robertson
Esther was the text I almost preached on.

The Rev Sherer
“All Christians are meant to be prophets.”

The Rev Sinclair
“When we gather here…it is not just for our own benefit.” I listened to this sermon and thought that it was complementary to mine.

The Rev Richardson
Jesus is not about neat and tidy packages.

(Don’t see your sermon or a sermon you liked? Maybe I don’t know about it. Leave me a comment with a link and I’ll take a look.)

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