SR: Jesus, divorce, and theology

Sermon Review
Proper 22 YrB 10-7-12

Summary of what I was saying and why:
Jesus is talking about divorce. But not divorce and marriage in the Biblical sense, about God and people.

Theology: marriage theology, in the best sense of the term
Jesus Count: moderate
Good News: God will not divorce us.

What did I change on my feet?
Not much.

What didn’t work/what did I miss?
I feel like it would have been stronger if I’d structured it differently. I can think of a couple different ways of doing that and I’m not sure which I would do if I were to preach this again.

What did work?
The theological basis is solid. I loved the line about Jesus being my favorite theologian.

Other sermons I liked:
Sermons on the Mark ‘divorce text’
The Rev Pankey
Turns directly into the challenge of the Jesus speaking about divorce with pastoral sensitivity.

Deacon Pam
A great deaconal sermon! (Go read it if you don’t understand what a deaconal sermon could be.)

Sermons not on divorce:
The Rev Collins
It’s short, on point, and perfect for a Church filled with pets.

Bishop Doyle
On the ordination of Bishop Fisher.
I loved the stories and humor and all of it pointing to Jesus.
Best quotes: “The Church today needs Bishops who are filled with the Holy Spirit.” and “Your wife is the biggest dispenser of God’s grace in your life.” (Especially in light of Sunday’s texts.)

(Don’t see your sermon or a sermon you liked? Maybe I don’t know about it. Leave me a comment with a link and I’ll take a look.)

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