Sermon Round Up

Sermon Round Up

Last weekend was Diocesan Convention so I was away from my Church. Thus no sermon. I was privileged to hear my colleagues and Bishop preach. However, I like my growing habit of finding three or four sermons I really enjoyed each week. So here’s are a few of them.

First, Pastor Anderson’s from a week ago on Jesus and Divorce. It escaped a link then, but here you go.

If you aren’t somewhat immeshed in the corporate life if TEC, and even if you are, you may not know that The Rev Terry Parsons died recently. Among the many ways in which she served our Church, and certainly less notably, Terry was my stewardship professor in Seminary. I knew her as a wise, compassionate, and humor filled person. Her last sermon can be found here. It is worth reading. And I will confess to hearing it as the second sound track on Sunday.

The Rev Sherer’s sermon looks at Amos, one of my favorite books.

The Rev Richardson’s
Titled “We don’t consume salvation” which I love, he preached as a close reading of the text, which I also love.

What did I miss? Who else is out there sharing sermons.

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