SR: Kindness, God’s love, and a tragedy

Sermon Review

Link: Advent 3, 2012

Summary of what I was saying and why:
I spent the first part of the week pondering kindness and what we are fully called to as Christians. After the school shooting in Newton, I wound up changing the end of the sermon.

Theology: Divine love
Jesus Count: low
Good News: Kindness is hard and we are called to much more.
What did I change on my feet?
Despite all the work I did on Saturday, I was still reworking most things on my feet.

What didn’t work/what did I miss? And What did work?
This week, with the enormity of confusion and grief following the shooting in Newton, I don’t know how to answer these questions. Any words are too meager, too small.

Other sermons I liked:
Several places are collecting links to sermons addressing the shooting in Newton.
The Diocese of Connecticut
Episcopal Cafe has links and excerpts to several.

A couple others:
Bishop Epting who may have been a out where I was.
Priest Funston who takes grief and gun violence head on.
Priest Lucas. I still can’t make it past his statement that Christianity isn’t an explanation but a response.

Any words are too meager and too small, all words are pointless. But maybe somewhere in these attempts we can all find a few words to help us.

(Don’t see your sermon or a sermon you liked? Maybe I don’t know about it. Leave me a comment with a link and I’ll take a look.)

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