Sermon Round-Up: A lot of Water

I’m on vacation, didn’t preach on Sunday, so no sermon to review. But, here’s some of the sermon’s I’ve read/listened to this week. (I really like preaching. Especially good preaching.)

Bishop Rickel: I don’t know where to start. It includes the words Christology, Ecclesiology, talks about the ancient practices of Baptism, and works a Mary Oliver quote in. I usually don’t have favorites, truly, but this one. I love this sermon.

Priest Witt delves into one of my favorite lines/topics/words: beloved. We are the Beloved of God. It’s that simple. And it’s not. And it’s a great sermon.

Priest Sinclair asks if anybody has a mirror at home? Yes? Then listen to this sermon. (Bonus points for quoting the Baptismal Covenant!)

Priest Linman mentions one of my favorite facts about doves (and does it from a NYC Church!). And, having had the privilege of working with Priest Mullins, who also makes an appearance, I can only ask you to picture a joyful expression on his face during that story.

Priest Jones talks about Baptism, The Hobbit, the Trinity, Jesus, and the Church. Another set of Bonus Points for quoting the Bapitsmal Covenant!

Priest Pankey preaches on stoups (and I learned a new word), why Jesus was Baptized, and remembering our Baptisms.

The next two weeks have more vacation and then some work related travel. So next week will also be a sermon round up. Then I’m changing pace a bit and going meta and reviewing the habit of having done sermon reviews for six months. I’m planning to follow that with a post of sermon links—so if you’ve always wondered exactly where I go to listen/read sermons (I know it’s a burning question for many people) that’s going to be a great week for you.

Side Note: the title is a joke that references a paper I wrote in college. No one is expected to get it. It amused me.

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