Sermon Round-Up: Chickens and Stars, Lent 2

Due to a Church swap this week, I was behind the altar but not in the pulpit across town. So no sermon.

Here are some of my favorites from around the interwebs. A lot about chicken and stars:

Priest Lightcap reminds us that Jesus is the “the mama hen who will place herself between the teeth of the fox and her chicks” and that there are a lot of chicks in our world in need of mama hens. Go read this sermon and then remember that Episcopal Relief and Development is a small way to help heal a hurting world.

Bishop Fisher preaches on the foxes among us and what we need to tell them.

Priest Pankey preaches on what Abraham knew and had to trust. Reading this I was reminded that there are more stars in the sky than our eyes can see.

And two where people where directed to the books we have out in the pews (it always makes me really happy):

Priest Arnold who reflected on Jerusalem and invited people to pray Psalm 122 together.

Priest Linman discusses why it is important that the City of God be a City and directs people to Hymn 582.

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