Easter Sermon Round-Up

The post-Easter work log is competing with the post-Easter exhaustion, so this week we have a sermon round-up.

My sermons:
Exposed Feet, Maundy Thursday
How Incarnation Ends, Good Friday
Standing Risen in Baptismal Waters, Easter Vigil

Other sermons:

Priest Gunn The Great Vigil of Easter: Do not be afraid

Priest Pankey “It was unbelievable. Too good to be true. Wild speculation.” (Easter)

Priest Linman preaches on how we aren’t always seeking resurrection.

Bishop Fisher on the Easter need to see things differently.

Priest Lightcap reaches beyond the Easter commercial or easy answers.

Priest Young, on Maundy Thursday, preaches about being the one who betrays.

Priest Gunn, on Maundy Thursday, Love on the Move.

Priest Robertson draws us into Maundy Thursday’s events with this sermon.

Priest Linman, on Good Friday, stays in the desolation of the day.

Priest Gunn, on Good Friday, “This is the act of a God who loves us beyond measure, who desires intimacy with humanity so much that the One who was present at the moment of creation would condescend to dwell among us, knowing every sorrow, pain, and sting of humanity, even death.”

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