SR: Peter and Promises, Easter 3, 2013

Link: Peter and Promises

Summary of what I was saying and why:
This sermon was slow to write. The Gospel is about feeding, it’s about love, it’s about Resurrection, and none of that was interesting to me this year. It felt like I’d just done something on the whole obedience bit in Acts and Revelation would’ve taken more time than I had. And I kept re-reading the Gospel. Then I remembered the “Quo vadis?” story about Peter and Jesus outside Rome. And I started thinking about how hard it is to do what Peter promises on that beach.

Theology: discipleship
Jesus Count:medium
Good News: like Peter we too get to return, again and again

What did I change on my feet?
The last addition was the section about the promises we have trouble keeping–most of the language coming from the Baptismal Covenant. It wasn’t on my feet, but it was Sunday morning.
What didn’t work/what did I miss?
I was pretty happy with this one.
What did work?
I liked this treatment of Peter. When I was done preaching it I felt that previously I tended to write him off too much. This time I feel like he got credit he deserves.

Other sermons I liked:

Priest Lightcap preached on Saul and conversion being wounding work.

Bishop Fisher worked in a Mad Men reference while talking about Saul’s anger.

And there were other good sermons but I personally struggled once anyone mentioned Greek words and meaning of love. Greek was never my strong language and this week I just couldn’t go there.

(Don’t see your sermon or a sermon you liked? Maybe I don’t know about it. Leave me a comment with a link and I’ll take a look.)

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2 thoughts on “SR: Peter and Promises, Easter 3, 2013

  1. I have to preach on this tomorrow for the LSTC chapel. I am struggling too… I am not a fan of this chapter of John… Waiting for inspiration!

  2. It’s both a tough chapter, the Gospel of John, and–for me at least–an over-preached passage.
    May the Holy Spirit find you in time!

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