Junior Middler Camp 2013

JM1This is the week I get to simultaneously wear my Priest hat and my Camp Director hat!

In large part because I’ve been the priest for this week of camp for 5 years now, I really wanted to maintain that connection with the kids who usually come to JM1. Our Junior Middler Camps are for kids entering grades 3-8, so there are kids here that I’ve known for the entire duration of their Camp Marshall experience. They are no longer little 3rd graders! This year I’m working with my friend and colleague the Reverend Mike Fay, because that makes both of us happy and keeps my life manageable.

Our theme for the summer is “Be Imitators of God” from Ephesians 5:1. I decided to pick 6 different attributes of God to talk about each day: Mighty/powerful (Monday), Funny (Tuesday), Merciful/Forgiving (Wednesday), Just (Thursday), Joyful (Friday), Storyteller (Saturday). Mike and I are sharing the preaching and celebrating, so I’m preaching on Mighty, Merciful, and Joyful. (links)

There will be other updates and photos in my Twitter feed (over on the right hand side) and even more pictures and video on the Diocesan Facebook page.

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