SR: Shaky Foundations, Proper 8 YrC 6-30-13

I’m not reviewing last week’s sermons because they are part of a larger whole. I preached half of the week, Mike preached half. I don’t believe that our preaching can be unentangled but only half of it is mine to comment on.

Unfinished Thoughts:

“Stand Firm”
“Almighty God, you have built your Church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.”
I am reminded of how shaky and uncertain this firm foundation of faith can seem.
Those apostles and prophets? I’ve read my Bible–this is not the way I want my foundation to look.
We become part of the foundation–through the grace and to the glory of God.
Stand firm, despite the shakes, our deep uncertainty about this, because, so long as we build, others will stand on our shoulders.

Sermons I liked:

Priest Castellan points out that “when you rely too heavily on just the outward stuff, you can run into trouble.”

Bishop Rickel said “…we use water and oil and hands and history…” and went on to remind us how much of life is about choice.

Priest Sinclair remembers that The Church has not always behaved well and calls for the fulfillment of the ministry we have been called to.

Priest Arnold with “We want to live good and holy lives, but there’s just so much to do first.”

Priest Linman quotes FDR and preaches about the Fruits of the Spirit in relationships.

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