SR: Proper 10 YrC 2013 (and a bit of Camp)

Unfinished Thoughts:
Some combination of these ideas:
Plumb lines, surveying and the challenge of being human( ie getting things wrong)
A bit of Paul
(Rope climbing bit/-use the rope, stay close to the wall, belay partner)
Don’t forget the stories (people)–this is where I would have tied in the Gospel and, given the week, brought the Zimmerman verdict in

I did wind up preaching on Monday’s Daily Eucharistic lessons–for Family Camp. Exodus 1:8-14,22 (Phaoroh’s edict about killing male Hebrew children) and Matthew 10:34-11:1 (Jesus coming to set family member against family member). This is about what I said:
I did not pick the readings. I mention this because they were probably not what you want to hear at the start of a week at Camp with your family.
Jesus is not anti-family. What he is saying is how nothing can be more important than God. And I know you are practicing that. Because you came here, to Camp. A place you have all experienced to be holy ground. To share that experience with your family. Amen.
I was just hat short. Under 2 minutes my staff tells me.

Sermons I liked:

Priest Richardson brings it back to, “In this social game of divide and conquer we are all the victim and we are all the accused. We all lose.”

Priest Baum reminds us of those things we confess, that we cannot do.

Priest Pankey ponder ‘love Eruvs.’

Priest Arnold reminds us that the Good Samaritan is truly about human struggles.

(Here’s the list of people I usually listen to. Am I missing someone?)

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