Community, a sermon for P18/OT23 9-9-13

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with Luke 14:25-33.

Unfinished towers and warring kings–which may be about neither.  This is an interactive sermon, I hope it can be heard and understood.  My apologies if not.


Notes Bene:

>The Anglican Church of Canada uses the Roman numbering system. So Proper 18 is also Ordinary Time 23.  On the day I fully understand the whys and wherefores, I’ll attempt to explain it.

>Due to the new audio system (which, I have an audio system at St Peter’s!) and not having pockets (a confluence of wearing a skirt and not having my own vestments) this recording is not the usual quality.


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An Anglican/Episcopal priest, bibliophile, dog owner, and Montanan

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