Sermon Round-up: Lent 2 2014

After the mad dash of the last six months, I’m taking a few days off to sleep, unpack and enjoy my new home. As is my custom, here are some of the sermons is particularly enjoyed for Lent 2.

Priest Downs, Revealed Honesty and the Christian
“Repeating back the liturgy with our noses in a book shows no less blindness to the Spirit.”

Priest Sherer, Eternal Life: Our Reality
“This is the point Jesus is trying to make to Nicodemus: it isn’t about doing life right so you win the prize of eternal life later, it’s about living in eternal life right now.”

Priest Lightcap, Urgent
“I wonder sometimes — and please, this is only me wondering —
I wonder if we do ourselves a disservice
By making the life of faith so easy and so accessible.”

Priest Romanik, Dark Horse
“Abram was a nomad, a herdsman, a man without pedigree or evident talent, a dark horse, and God tells him to trust that he will be a means of blessing for the whole world.”

As for what I might have preached on? I was embracing vacation. 🙂

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