Trinity Sunday 2021

This was not the sermon I’d planned to preach at the beginning of the week. I’d been very drawn to the Isaiah text, for many reasons including a chance to only mention Trinitarian theology in passing. (I am generally a believer in preaching on the difficult passages and theologies but I’ve preached a decade or more of Trinity Sunday sermons.) When I remembered the kids and realized that what I was planning to do with them lead to a maybe-better-in-person but still good online sermon. (I do mention what I did with kids in the second half, but you can also go watch it on our facebook page.).
I drew on the work of the Rev. Dr Gafney in her post Naming and Numbering: God of Many Names on Trinity Sunday.

As sometimes happens, I worked largely with the theology of the day rather than the text. The lessons for Sunday can be found here.

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An Episcopal priest, bibliophile, dog owner, and Montanan

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