Sermons I listen to

The websites and people I listen to:

Mostly Weekly

My Sermons, audio

Bishop Rickel, Diocese of Olympia, audio

Trinity Episcopal Church, Natchez, MS, The Rev Walton Jones, audio

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Shelby, NC The Rev Dr Valori Mulvey Sherer, audio and text

St Paul’s Regina, Sasketchewan, The Very Rev Mike Sinclair, audio

St Luke’s Billings, Montana, The Rev John Toles, text

St Stephen’s Armonk, NY, The Rev Joshua Condon, audio

St Paul’s Foley, AL video, audio, text

Bishop Fisher, Diocese of Texas, text

The Rev Eric Funston, text

Bishop Andy Doyle, Diocese of Texas, audio

Grace Episcopal Church, MI, audio

Occasional (but still fairly regular) Postings:
The Rev George Baum
Epiphany NYC, The Rev Jennifer Linman
The Rev Jon M Richardson
The Rev Megan Castellan

Updated: July 2013

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