Speaking Episcopal

I often joke that I speak Episcopal. It’s not really a joke. We really do have our own jargon, in-speak, and way of talking. As I’m writing and I come across terms, words, or phrases that are part of that language called Episcopal I’ll add and define them here.

What have I missed? Leave me a comment. I love chances to talk about The Episcopal Church.

TEC: Speaking of The Episcopal Church, I most often use TEC to save (a lot) of typing.

Anglican: TEC is one part of the Anglican Communion, a worldwide family of Churches.

BCP: The Book of Common Prayer

General Convention (GC):Triennial governing body of The Episcopal Church. Also, one of the largest bicameral bodies in the world. (I have to provide some trivia.)

Executive Council (ExCoun, #ExCoun on Twitter): They carry out the program and policies adopted by the General Convention and have the charge of the coordination, development, and implementation of the ministry and mission of the Church. They serve as the Board of Directors for the DFMS, which is a fancy way of saying The Episcopal Church.

CCAB (#ccab): Commissions, Councils, Agencies, and Boards. These are the groups that carry out work between General Conventions and report, file resolutions, and supplement GC.

The Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance (PB&F): Basically charged with working with money, on the budget, and reporting to General Convention and Executive Council.

Adiaphora: non-essential things

Acts8: (#Acts8) A loose group of people convinced that TEC needs to change in this moment of history. See what some of us are dreaming about here. Visit the website here.

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