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Sunday Afternoon on Twitter

I have an ongoing goal to show that actual conversations happen on Twitter.  I like to think of Twitter as the online version of a great coffee shop where great conversation can happen.  So this afternoon on Twitter a group of us started talking about Eucharistic Prayers.

  1. Eucharistic Prayer A: Eucharistic Prayer B: Eucharistic Prayer C: Eucharistic Prayer D: Disclaimer: This …

  2. @BCPYouth I use them all, but many Churches do seem to revert to A a lot.

  3. @theologybird I personally like D the best, but alas, what can we do?

  4. @BCPYouth I Love D! Would use it more if ppl didn’t comment on the length. (I know. I know.) We’re working on it.

  5. @theologybird Such a beautiful service! The longer the service, the better! 

  6. @BCPYouth no arguments from me. But some ppl need a ramp up into such a life. 

  7. @theologybird @BCPYouth A is the most basic, and the shortest, but I *love* both B & D. And EP2 in EOW.

  8. @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth A is ‘almost’ Rite 1 in Rite 2 language. And they did some good stuff in EOW

  9. @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth Wish we’d authorize another responsive Eucharistic prayer in the style of C but with the language of D

  10. @cmccarson @BCPYouth Me too. (Glances over shoulder) most participatory. Love that.

  11. @theologybird @BCPYouth Agreed. Love the additional congregational responses.

  12. @theologybird @BCPYouth When I write Eucharistic Prayers, I like to spread out the speaking parts – even the deacon says something!

  13. @theologybird @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth No one likes Prayer C but me. I love “Earth our island home”. Ah, the Star Trek Eucharistic Prayer!

  14. @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird @BCPYouth I love the line: By his blood, he reconciled us. By his wounds, we are healed. Really beautiful

  15. @cmccarson @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth it’s hard to beat Isaiah. Even sounds good in English

  16. @cmccarson @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird Probably my favorite part of C. I love the language of D though. A and B to me sound really rushed.

  17. @mciszek @theologybird @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth I love Prayer C…followed closely by EOW Prayer 2 and then Prayer D

  18. @mciszek @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth again and again [God] called us to repent. 

  19. @mciszek @theologybird @BCPYouth I love C – Deliver us from the presumption of coming 2 this Table 4 solace only, and not for strength;

  20. @cmccarson @theologybird @BCPYouth And “Risen Lord, be known to us in the breaking of bread!”

  21. @mciszek @theologybird @BCPYouth … for pardon only, and not for renewal. One of the most beautiful lines in the BCP.

  22. @GodWelcomesAll @mciszek @BCPYouth yes. C has a lot of great lines. Obviously.

  23. @theologybird @mciszek @GodWelcomesAll So, can we just have a service that combines all of them? 

  24. @theologybird @mciszek @BCPYouth I love the Incarnational language of B. And EOW 2 & D’s lifting up of Mary.

  25. @GodWelcomesAll @mciszek @BCPYouth B seems to play with the imagery of John 1 in ways I love. “Author of our salvation”

  26. @BCPYouth @theologybird @mciszek That might get a little long, even for me.

  27. @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird @mciszek Nope. Way too long of a service. Honestly, I like my Eucharist short and sweet.

  28. @theologybird @mciszek @BCPYouth And I love the Eastern heritage of D!

  29. @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird Least favorite liturgical element from EOW: The “supper of the Lamb” fraction anthem.

  30. @mciszek @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll some, not all, great stuff in EOW. (As some will say abt BCP)  

  31. @theologybird @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll Agreed, but my rector likes that fraction anthem and used it all summer this last year. 😦

  32. @BCPYouth @theologybird @mciszek I love pretty much *all* the BCP, but want more pretty prayers. Dunno that any one book can hold all of it!

  33. @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth @mciszek I want to make shirts “I steal my best theology from the Book of common Prayer”

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A #CCAB outcome

As Episcopal denizens of Twitter already know, this past week was the organizational meeting of the CCAB’s.  I attended as a new member of the Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education.

As it often does, the appropriate role of social media was a topic for all of the assembled CCAB’s.  There were a number of avid social media users present.  There were a number of people who found the interwebs confusing and new.

I find the appropriate and sensitive use of social media, even and especially at gatherings like this, to be a great tool. (And, let’s be honest, an occasional stress/boredom/loneliness relief.)  I’m working on more to say about a lot of this.

For now though, I want to share one result of our social media presence.  A new Episcopalian followed the #ccab and posed about a question on twitter about which CCAB is dealing with disabilities.  I saw this and connected the tweet with @gaycjen, the current President of the House of Deputies. This lead to an answer.  Which lead to another person chiming in with this:

There are, and will always be, questions about social media and boundaries. About what should be shared and with whom. These are good questions and the Church needs to wrestle with them.

We need to wrestle with them because sometimes beautiful Godly things happen. And if our tradition teaches nothing else, beautiful Godly things are worth the struggle.

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