Sunday Afternoon on Twitter

I have an ongoing goal to show that actual conversations happen on Twitter.  I like to think of Twitter as the online version of a great coffee shop where great conversation can happen.  So this afternoon on Twitter a group of us started talking about Eucharistic Prayers.

  1. Eucharistic Prayer A: Eucharistic Prayer B: Eucharistic Prayer C: Eucharistic Prayer D: Disclaimer: This …

  2. @BCPYouth I use them all, but many Churches do seem to revert to A a lot.

  3. @theologybird I personally like D the best, but alas, what can we do?

  4. @BCPYouth I Love D! Would use it more if ppl didn’t comment on the length. (I know. I know.) We’re working on it.

  5. @theologybird Such a beautiful service! The longer the service, the better! 

  6. @BCPYouth no arguments from me. But some ppl need a ramp up into such a life. 

  7. @theologybird @BCPYouth A is the most basic, and the shortest, but I *love* both B & D. And EP2 in EOW.

  8. @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth A is ‘almost’ Rite 1 in Rite 2 language. And they did some good stuff in EOW

  9. @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth Wish we’d authorize another responsive Eucharistic prayer in the style of C but with the language of D

  10. @cmccarson @BCPYouth Me too. (Glances over shoulder) most participatory. Love that.

  11. @theologybird @BCPYouth Agreed. Love the additional congregational responses.

  12. @theologybird @BCPYouth When I write Eucharistic Prayers, I like to spread out the speaking parts – even the deacon says something!

  13. @theologybird @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth No one likes Prayer C but me. I love “Earth our island home”. Ah, the Star Trek Eucharistic Prayer!

  14. @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird @BCPYouth I love the line: By his blood, he reconciled us. By his wounds, we are healed. Really beautiful

  15. @cmccarson @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth it’s hard to beat Isaiah. Even sounds good in English

  16. @cmccarson @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird Probably my favorite part of C. I love the language of D though. A and B to me sound really rushed.

  17. @mciszek @theologybird @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth I love Prayer C…followed closely by EOW Prayer 2 and then Prayer D

  18. @mciszek @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth again and again [God] called us to repent. 

  19. @mciszek @theologybird @BCPYouth I love C – Deliver us from the presumption of coming 2 this Table 4 solace only, and not for strength;

  20. @cmccarson @theologybird @BCPYouth And “Risen Lord, be known to us in the breaking of bread!”

  21. @mciszek @theologybird @BCPYouth … for pardon only, and not for renewal. One of the most beautiful lines in the BCP.

  22. @GodWelcomesAll @mciszek @BCPYouth yes. C has a lot of great lines. Obviously.

  23. @theologybird @mciszek @GodWelcomesAll So, can we just have a service that combines all of them? 

  24. @theologybird @mciszek @BCPYouth I love the Incarnational language of B. And EOW 2 & D’s lifting up of Mary.

  25. @GodWelcomesAll @mciszek @BCPYouth B seems to play with the imagery of John 1 in ways I love. “Author of our salvation”

  26. @BCPYouth @theologybird @mciszek That might get a little long, even for me.

  27. @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird @mciszek Nope. Way too long of a service. Honestly, I like my Eucharist short and sweet.

  28. @theologybird @mciszek @BCPYouth And I love the Eastern heritage of D!

  29. @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll @theologybird Least favorite liturgical element from EOW: The “supper of the Lamb” fraction anthem.

  30. @mciszek @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll some, not all, great stuff in EOW. (As some will say abt BCP)  

  31. @theologybird @BCPYouth @GodWelcomesAll Agreed, but my rector likes that fraction anthem and used it all summer this last year. 😦

  32. @BCPYouth @theologybird @mciszek I love pretty much *all* the BCP, but want more pretty prayers. Dunno that any one book can hold all of it!

  33. @GodWelcomesAll @BCPYouth @mciszek I want to make shirts “I steal my best theology from the Book of common Prayer”

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