SR: Widows and Sons, Proper 5, Year C 6-9-13

Unfinished Thoughts: (A couple of notes about what I might have preached.) One of my friends and mentors says, “In every group, someone is coming from a funeral and someone is coming from a wedding.”
Two crowds meet, the one accompanying Jesus and the one burying the widow’s son.
Jesus is present to and with both. Both crowds are changed.

Sermons I liked:

Priest Romanik preaches on people pleasing and reminds us that “we are called do the work of the gospel regardless of who tells us that we are attempting the impossible”.

Priest Funston calls Elijah out on his attitude and engages in various kinds of wordplay.

Priest Giroux fills the story in a bit and reminds us how to respond.

Priest Mulvey preaches about compassion and pity in community.

*I know this isn’t exactly what I’ve used this tag for in the past, but it’s in the same vein. Also, change can be good.**

**I’m sure that someone is currently being dispatched to check my credentials as an Episcopalian. My ability to spontaneously recap the English Reformation will not be a good argument.***

***Yes, I wrote this when tired. Why do you ask?

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