SR Things that Last 17Nov2013

Link: Things that Last, 17 November 2013

Summary of what I was saying and why:
Everything is temporal. One of my mentors told me that. It all decays, deteriorates, gets torn down.
Even the things that matter to us. That matter to the people we leave them too.
Except water, wine, bread. Jesus’s followers have been sharing those for 2,000 years.

Theology: Stewardship, Sacraments
Jesus Count: medium
Good News: Water, wine, bread, the sacraments last.

What did I change on my feet?
The conclusion. As usual.
What didn’t work/what did I miss?
I missed a whole section at the early service. I’m not sure I made the connection between the work we do and the Gospel we proclaim. One of my favorite lines (If we build it we have to maintain it.) didn’t work as well in the sermon.
I think I could have made the distinction between the outward and visible things we emphasize and the ones Jesus emphasizes better.

What did work?
I’d forgotten this story. It was good to be able to tell it.

Other sermons I liked:

Priest Lightcap gets even more direct saying, “Life — or at least the life we know now — it will always be temporary, provisional, and confusing.

Priest Roberston remembers that ”God is not done with mystery, even if we are.”

Bishop Fisher runs headlong into Jesus’s statement about persecution.

(Here’s the list of people I usually listen to. Am I missing someone?)
The Anglican Church of Canada uses the Roman Ordinary Time numbering system instead of numbering the Propers. Because all of this is new to me, I’m now indicating both numbering systems.

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