SR: A Just Vineyard, September 2014

Link: A Just Vineyard, September 2014

Summary of what I was saying and why:
Short Stories by Jesus, Amy Jill Levine’s new book, had a strong influence on this sermon. I came to it a bit tired of the story and all of the familiar ways of preaching it. Her turn where it was economic but not flat was very helpful. Sort of economy, relationship, and righteousness.

Theology: Stewardship
Jesus Count: Average
Good News: We are called to work in and toward God’s justice.

What did I change on my feet?
I’ve been sketching out more than writing out sermons recently, so this is getting difficult to answer.
What didn’t work/what did I miss?
At the early service I noted that the text is less “standing idle” and more “waiting to work.” I wish I’d included that both times.
What did work?
I was happy to hear me preach that we are to create a world in God’s justice. Several people commented on their discovery of the steward.

Other sermons I liked:

Priest Arnold, The Unfairness of God
We are good at knowing when we are being treated unfairly; we are not as good at knowing when we are treating others unfairly.

Priest Halley, Shade Trees and Grape Vines
“What if in the parable Jesus wasn’t reordering my need to be first, but completely reordering society “Magnificat-style?”

Priest Funston, Leaving Us with a Question
Eric reminds my why my car is named Yo’nah, the Hebraic pronunciation of Jonah.

(Here’s the list of people I usually listen to. Am I missing someone?)

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